New Arrivals : Autumn Cashmere

by boutiquedavidlesage


Hi everyone, we just got some amazing cashmere sweater from one of your favorite brands : Autumn Cashmere.

Each styles are from the Holiday/resort collections. I selected just a few style, because we will get our spring at the end of December or beginning of January.

The pieces I selected are beautiful and a bit more “novelty”.

First there is this emerald green sweater, my favorite piece, with sequins that forms intricate flowers or snowflakes, it is just so elegant and feminine. I suggest to wear it with a black pencil skirt for work or black jeans or leather pants for a edgier look. We also got the black bow top (shown in baby blue here). Perfect black T-shirt that is more dressy and that you can wear with printed bottoms or simply jeans. The bow is soooo feminine and beautiful. And finally, we got this coral matte sequins top (shown in purple here). This is out fun cashmere sweater, that you will wear during the Holidays, it is casual but festive at the same time. You will also be carrying this towards the spring season as well because of its colour, so it’s a nice transitional piece. it will also match a nice group that we will get around November 15, coming from an australian designer… i’ll keep you posted when this comes in.


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