New Arrivals : Tara Jarmon

by boutiquedavidlesage

We just got approximately 1/2 of our Tara Jarmon order this morning, but still missing some important pieces in the group.

We got her amazing jacquard pieces (my favorite pieces this season).

This fabric is sooooo amazing, elegant and classic yet fun. I love the pant paired back to a leather perfecto or a hairy cashmere sweater for pre-spring.

We also got the top and a mid thigh skirt, with the same satin stripe on side.

This Black and Ivory group will be the strongest for spring. Rene Leblanc made amazing Chanel/Lanvin inspired necklaces to go with it. It will also be merchandised with a new line at Boutique David Lesage which is one of the hottest line in Europe right now, Temperley (Alice by Temperly). I’ll let you know when this comes in!

We also got our cobalt double breast cropped blazer from Tara. The cobalt and white group will be another strong group this season. Stay tuned!


IMG_6195 IMG_6205 IMG_6229 IMG_6230 IMG_6231 photo