New Arrivals : More Malene Birger

by boutiquedavidlesage

We finally got our latest pieces from Malene Birger Spring 2014 collection.

Our navy leather perfecto and our tribal navy/ivory scarf. This jacket….if only they could make big size for me to fit in!! Made in 100% lamb leather, soft and smooth like butter. It has the cut of a perfecto, but its navy colour,  the metalwear and the soft knit collar makes it so elegant and fresh for the spring season. Wear it everyday over jeans or even over a fancy silk printed dress to make it look less dramatic and more cool! And the scarf, same fabric as her previous scarves, you know it, a very fluffy wool, not itchy at all, perfect for spring, worn at the neck or even as a shawl. I think all of my regular clients already have one of Malene’s scarf in their closet. It’s this piece that you play around and it can transform your look in a simple way.

We also got this fun tunic in black that you can wear over a bathing suit or over black skinny jeans and heels. It has a “Rick Owen” vibe, maybe a little bit more edgy, but very easy to wear on the weekends.


image-68 image-69 image-73