New Arrivals : Alice by Temperley London

by boutiquedavidlesage

Hi again Ladies!

More merchandise came in today, it is such a crazy week here at the store, we receive fabulous clothes EVERY day!

This time it’s the remaining pieces from Alice Temperley’s spring/summer 2014. The Hemmingway group!

I can’t believe how gorgeous this collection, seriously! Alice is our biggest collection this season, and you love it already because we sell her pieces everyday (despite the snow)!

This group is made of chiffon and lace. First, we have the Hemmingway top in 2 colors. The ivory with black lace top is a bit more evening I would say. To be worn with leather pencil skirt or our Tara Jarmon Jacquard pant (see below) or Schumacher Tuxedo cropped pant (see below as well).

The ivory with yellow lace version is definitely more “day” and very “happy”. I selected that top to be worn with our Malene Birger pencil skirt in yellow (see below). They go so well together and sooooo fashionable.

Finally we got the Hemmingway dress, very “Charleston” or 20’s inspired. With the lace appliqué on the corsage,  the pleated details at the bottom and lace sleeves, it is your cocktail dress par excellence!

Hope you love it as much as I do.

Seriously, my best collection EVER. The store looks magnificient!




Pants to wear with the ivory/black top :